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EPA’s universal waste regulations streamline hazardous waste management standards for federally designated “Universal Wastes”, which include batteries,  bulbs (referred to as lamps) , mercury-containing equipment, electronic equipment, pesticides.  The regulations govern the collection and management of these widely generated wastes, thus facilitating environmentally sound collection and proper recycling or treatment. The regulations also ensure that the wastes subject to this system will go to appropriate treatment or recycling facilities pursuant to the full hazardous waste regulatory controls.  The federal universal waste regulations are set forth in 40CFR, part 273.  States can modify the universal waste rule and add additional universal waste(s) in individual state regulations so check with your state for the exact regulations that apply.  In Alabama, contact Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).



We handle all types of Universal Wastes, including spent: MVC-006F

  • 4 foot and 8 foot Fluorescent bulbs, HIDs, CFLs, U-Shape and Incandescent Bulbs
  • PCB and non PCB Ballasts, HID Ballasts with and without Capacitors
  • Alkaline, Zinc, Lead Sealed and Lead Acid, Lithium and Ni-Cad Batteries
  • Mercury Containing Equipment
  • Electronic Devices such as computers, monitors, phones, fax and copy machines and electronic keyboards.  100% destroyed
  • We also offer proper shipping containers and instruction on how best to package the material for the most cost effective pricing. Contact us for more information.