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Skeletons In The Closet?

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This week we cleaned out an old building for a client and came across all sorts of obsolete chemicals and universal wastes. They were tucked into every nook, cranny, and closet. You know how it is. The company is not using that particular brand of degreaser anymore, everybody’s busy, production is running good so you just put them in that “empty room” along with the old file cabinets and obsolete machine parts. Next thing you know, the product is so old it is no longer useable. Guess what?? It is also no longer a stored product, but has become a hazardous waste! And unless you can prove how long it has been there, an inspection would probably state it was held past your 90 or 180 days.

June and July are the months we are typically thinking of sand between our toes or a four iron in our hands; but before you leave on vacation, make sure your plant is ready for an inspection. (Side note: we have been notified that ADEM and EPA Region IV are actually traveling together on inspections these days! That could be a gut-wrenching inspection.) Old paints, solvents and other chemicals are infamous for attracting the eyes of inspectors.

While we have never thought of ourselves as ghostbusters, we are really efficient with these skeletons!

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