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Regulations For Packaging Hazardous Materials

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According to DOT packaging regulations, there is a method for properly closing a drum of hazardous waste material?There is a proper time to enter a drum’s accumulation start date? Even more importantly, did you know that a state or federal environmental agency can visit your operation at any time to audit your company’s practices of managing wastes and, if they find negligence, costly fines could be levied?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, your company could be in jeopardy. Just because you are a small business doesn’t exempt you from staying compliant with EPA and DOT. Many of Safeway’s customers are small manufacturing or industrial plants. They do not have the budget, nor the need, for a full-time environmental manager. In these cases, the responsibility is often given to an employee who is not familiar with the many requirements governing the management of hazardous materials, non-hazardous materials or universal wastes. But there ARE strict regulations for doing it properly and fines for doing it improperly! It can be very confusing because you are dealing with several regulatory agencies – EPA, DOT, OSHA, and your state regulatory agency.

Safeway’s customers are fortunate because we are available to assist them in staying compliant. We have over 20 years in the business and can explain the proper methods for managing waste material from satellite accumulation to preparing the containers for transport to suggesting a fully permitted, and audited disposal facility. Our customers know that Safeway is available to visit their operation, provide written guidelines to help employees better understand the importance of compliance and make suggestions to improve waste management practices.

Many types of services are available and easily fit within departmental budgets. Our larger company’s environmental managers know that they can count on us to assist them in their daily work load by furnishing information or shipment data to save them time and money. There is no need to hire another employee. We have you covered! There are many advantages to working with our full-service waste management company. Staying compliant is only one of them.

Each month we will discuss different areas of waste management compliance. Feel free to contact one of our highly qualified, experienced staff if you have specific needs or questions. Call today at 256-492-3704 to discuss how we can help.

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