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Identifying Labels On Hazardous Waste Drums

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Often we get phone calls from generators who want to know what it will cost to dispose of “drums” on their property. Many times, the person calling does not even know what is in the drums. The drums may have no labels or other identifying stickers. In most cases, the drums have just “been there” since that person can remember.

This is why we encourage timely shipping for even conditionally exempt generators (those who generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste or less than 2.2 pounds of acute hazardous waste in a calendar month and are allowed more time to accumulate waste). Leaving material on site for an extended period of time is never a good idea. Labels can get damaged or removed, containers can lose their integrity, or employees can change. Now, the generator could be left with unidentifiable material that must be lab tested to determine if it is hazardous and the specified method of disposal. These tests can cost upward of $1,000.00 per drum.

No transporter can pick up the waste without (1) a profile (identifying the waste material) and (2) an approval of that profile into a disposal facility whose permit allows acceptance of that specific waste.
With no identifying labels, the generator must spend significantly more money than it would have originally cost to properly dispose of the material.

If your company has material which is unidentified, we can help you through the daunting process of identifying the waste and properly disposing of it. Better yet, give us a call to properly profile and dispose of known material!