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  • Safeway works with our generators to properly profile their waste material to meet EPA and DOT requirements for shipping MVC-005Fand handling.  If necessary, we do waste sampling and offer analytical services from reputable environmental testing laboratories to assist in making informed decisions regarding waste management.
  • We provide all completed manifests, pre-printed labels and DOT classification labels.
  • Waste material is usually transported in a Safeway Industrial truck, using our drivers who are highly trained in EPA and DOT regulations.  This minimizes the number of companies involved in your waste management.
  • We utilize only fully permitted TSD facilities which we monitor for regulatory compliance. Our established relationship with major hazardous waste disposal facilities allows us to choose the best option for each client based on waste material, budget and corporate tenet.
  • Ignitable, Corrosive, Reactive and Toxic Wastes
  • Out-of-Date Materials
  • Lab Chemical Packaging and Disposal