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Getting The Proper Training For Employees

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A couple of months ago, we mentioned in our blog/newsletter that certain employee training is required by regulatory agencies (EPA, OSHA, and DOT)  Employers who fail to provide this training are at risk for stiff fines, penalties or worse.

Several of our managers at Safeway Industrial are certified trainers so that we may assist our customers with this valuable tool.  Properly trained employees have less accidents, are more confident in the jobs, and have a tendency to be better leaders.  As employers, we have an obligation to our employees, both ethically and legally, to provide this training.  Many employers wrongly assume that they have to be large quantity hazardous waste generators for this requirement to apply to them.  WRONG!  Even very small quantity generators are obligated!

Any employee who handles hazardous waste or hazardous waste paperwork as part of their employment must be trained regarding OSHA regulations, EPA/RCRA regulations, and if the material is prepared for shipment, DOT regulations.  This training must be provided to the employee within (90) days of hazmat employment for positions ranging from secretaries to dock workers and anyone in between whose job deals, in any way, with hazmat paperwork or hazmat management.  The employee must be tested on the training received, such records kept by the employer, and must be recurrently trained annually for EPA and OSHA and every (3) years for DOT.

Don’t wait until an employee is injured or a regulatory inspection finds gross negligence in this area.  A phone call to our office (256-492-3704) can answer many questions as to your responsibilities as an employer.  Call Safeway and let us arrange onsite training for your employees in the areas required.


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