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Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

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Many companies have racks of fluorescent bulbs in storage and they have no idea how to dispose of them properly. Some companies don’t even know, by regulation, the bulbs actually have to be disposed of properly.

You cannot simply throw the bulbs in the dumpster out back. Not only is this harmful to the environment … it is illegal.

There are many reasons fluorescent bulbs are not handled properly, such as lack of knowledge concerning state and federal laws. Not understanding why they need to be recycled. Not knowing how to box or package the bulbs or who to call to explain the mysteries.

It’s important that you become knowledgeable concerning your state and federal laws related to managing fluorescent bulbs (referred to as lamps in the waste industry). Make sure you consult your state’s specific requirements pertaining to hazardous waste. It is also important to make sure your recycler is up-to-date on the laws of the specific state in which are located. We can provide you with all the information you need to understand the regulations and how to handle the bulbs your company generates.

Why do fluorescent bulbs have to be recycled? Most people don’t know these bulbs contain small amounts of mercury.  Just think of all the bulbs that are just thrown into dumpsters or disposed of improperly. This adds up to a tremendous amount of mercury leaking into our soil and ultimately into our water supply.

The other obstacle that many companies face is how to package the bulbs. It’s not a problem if you only have a few bulbs to take care of, but if you have hundreds or even thousands to remove from your facility, then it could be a challenge packaging and shipping them to the appropriate recycler.

One of the services we offer is providing companies with RecyclePak® Containers that make it easy for you to package and ship your bulbs properly. We also offer bulk transport, when logistics permit, for customers who generate large volumes or who operate within a preventative maintenance program.

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