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Exceptional Leadership

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Recently, our Field Services Supervisor, T.J. Bethel, brought me an interesting article in one of our industry magazines. Rather than dealing with the usual environmental cleaning issues, it was focused on employees. He and I found it to be so truthful and inspiring for any business leader.

As a leader within our companies, it seems we are always pondering what it takes to be a strong company … the kind that wows everyone who encounters it. The truth is, it all starts with who you attract and hire.

Assuming you do have the right person and value people for their inherent worth and who they can become, you can get them to perform by showing them how much you appreciate them. Rather than expecting an employee to first earn your respect, give them your respect and they will return it. This respect empowers team members to value the company and their roles within it. It also gives them the freedom to act and make learning decisions. If you help them, they will help you. Your encouragement will garner their encouragement. One of the many doors that opens with respect is an open, trusting, honest relationship between leaders and their people.

By creating a culture of respect in which you recognize and appreciate the value of each employee, you provide a reasonable platform for higher performance expectations, higher standards and greater challenges. Ultimately, employees in outstanding companies attain consistent tactical excellence because someone believes they can! Building a successful company that sets a standard not only of performance, but also of values shows that success and respect for human decency go hand in hand.

I don’t know about you, but that’s they type of company we strive for.

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