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Emergency Response Plans

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Have you reviewed your Emergency Response Plan?

Emergency response planning is critical but having a plan is not enough.  Taking action quickly in the event of an emergency must involve clear communication and properly planned procedures.  Personnel, equipment and procedures must be in place and an effective plan must be communicated.  During the stress of an emergency problems may arise; but, with properly trained personnel, a clear plan of action and up to date equipment, emergency situations can be diminished.

Being prepared begins with training that is geared to each employees’ job function, physical capabilities and a clear understanding of their specific responsibility(ies) in an emergency situation.  It is important that employees know whom to notify, be able to precisely describe the emergency, and know what measures to take immediately based on the type of emergency to protect themselves and others.

Equipment preparedness is an essential part of an emergency response plan.  Too often, emergency equipment is not kept in good repair or not accessible.  Review your emergency response plan and make certain that the “Three Ps” (prevention, preparation and procedures) are addressed.  Your plan should be reviewed at a minimum annually, or when there are changes in personnel assignments or changes in processes in the workplace.

A thorough review of your plan, properly training your employees and preparing equipment for readiness will assist in keeping you better prepared to provide safety to your employees and workplace.


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