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Dealing With Abandoned Materials

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Even if hazardous materials are left on your property by someone else, you are responsible.

We were recently contacted by a property management company to assist one of their owners with identifying presumably hazardous material which was left abandoned behind their building. They have no idea who put the material on their premises, but it now becomes their responsibility to properly dispose of the material since the culprit cannot be identified.

The requirements necessary to identify the substances include numerous, expensive analyses. That’s before transportation and disposal methods can be determined and priced. The average business owner is at a loss as to how he must proceed. It is a serious responsibility with grave consequences if not handled properly.

As we help the client through the expensive and detailed tests, I can’t help but think what an important role we play in this determination, and, also how important it is that we treat the client fairly during the process. The situation is not of his making and yet he has to trust a stranger to guide him through it.

Abandoning materials is a crime and can put unaware property owners in a costly and very alarming situation. Unlike the unscrupulous vultures who prey on victims of natural disasters, we believe a professional organization should deal with catastrophic incidents using the same code of ethics that guided them to their success.

From hazardous and non-hazardous waste determination, transportation and disposal to tough industrial cleaning projects, Safeway Industrial Services can offer environmentally sound and cost effective solutions. We take pride in our knowledge, experience and honest professionalism. Let us put them to work for your company.

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