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Choosing A Waste Management Company

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When choosing a waste management company, remediation or industrial cleaning company, qualifications are MOST important.  Using a company that is highly trained and knowledgeable with a clean environmental record could mean the difference in a smooth, cost effective experience and a liability nightmare.   Not all companies are created equal.

Does the company have past regulatory problems with their state environmental regulatory agency?  This is easily checked by visiting your state’s regulatory website.   Does the company have a “clean” reputation in the industry?  Or have you heard “nightmare” stories about their projects?  Are they adequately insured? A little bit of homework  can determine if your service provider is the right one for you!

Safeway Industrial Services, LLC is among the southeast’s leading environmental companies and is “A” rated with ISNetworld, a leading “clearinghouse” for contractors providing services to some of the country’s most exacting companies.






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  1. Gary Puntman

    I agree that you should first check out the waste management’s website. You can see what their reputation is through this as well, like you said. If they are well known in a positive way, it can be a good sign that they are someone you can trust and hire.