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Business Is More Than …

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Our blog posts are often centered on different aspects of the environmental industry and its regulations. You will find this one quite different.

While contemplating a topic for this month, I ran across an article that really hit home. Its basis was that any business is more than a good business plan or accounting or marketing. At the root of any successful business sociology is first.

Sociology? Absolutely! After all, every business deals with the interaction of people. So it makes sense that if we simply do what we say we’re going to do, or be where we say we will be, people will appreciate us. And, if we can’t be there for some reason, let the person who is depending on us know … as soon as we know. This is not a sometimes thing but rather an all-the-time thing.

Of course we thank our customers and demonstrate appreciation for business referrals. That’s a given. But do we also remember to thank those who serve us? Remember to show appreciation and thank not just your customers, but your employees and your vendors. Thank everyone. It matters because it serves to brand us as decent human beings.

In short, be the kind of person others want to work for, or hire, or refer to others. Just do what is right and honest. It will always come back to you!

At Safeway Industrial, we believe these are words to live by. Can we be of service to your company? Please call us at 256-492-3704

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